Excellence in design depends on highest level of manufacturing quality, which can only be achieved by minute attention to detail without compromise: therefore all boards are HANDCRAFTED IN EUROPE!

Carbon Pressure Enhancer


When developing the all new BamBooBeam core,our goal was simple: nothing less but absolute lowest weight at maximum strength would do. The combination of superlight wood reinforced by longitudinal bamboo beams and a sophisticated Honeycomb tip construction sets a new milestone in weight reduction.


TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon reinforcements are using spread tows to produce optimized reinforcements for ultra light composites. Spreading tows (yarns) into very thin tapes enables reinforcements in woven structure as well as unidirectional tapes with mechanical performance and possibility for weight savings that are unique compared to conventional reinforcements.


The sintered Nano Base is the fastest base available on the market. Nano Silicate particles enhance unparalleled gliding characteristics and an improved durability.


PA Triple compound, lotus effect, scratch resistant